Expand a Sign recently confirmed their partnership with Dezzi Raceway based in Port Shepstone. Expand a Sign sponsored Dezzi Raceway with multiple branding solutions, including Acacia Umbrellas, Flying Banners, a Gazebo and Inflatable Arch. In return, Expand a Sign are able to use the Dezzi Raceway for product testing and our branding around the 2.5km circuit, will be seen by the crowds who attend the numerous events throughout the year. Dezzi Raceway also boasts two drift circuits and a 400 meter drag strip and is fast becoming a national feature in the Drift Racing Circuit.

Expand a Sign recently sponsored Fynnland Football Club 2 kits for their 1st and 2nd team. Fynnland Football Club is one of the oldest football clubs in Durban, enjoying nearly 100 years of promoting football in the Bluff community to all ages, genders and ethnic groups by providing a safe and professional environment for them to do so. Since 2004, Fynnland Football Club has catered to over 200 footballers of all ages, from U6s up to and including a ladies’ team, seniors and Over 35s.

Expand a Sign is the proud branding partner of Durban-based Team Abantu, commonly known as ‘The People’s Team’, and provide the team with all of their branding infrastructure, including banners and gazebos.

Expand a Sign donated two bicycles to iThemba Lethu, a Durban-based NGO devoted to helping babies and the youth regain a meaningful destiny. iThemba Lethu means: ‘I have a destiny’ and their vision is to restore destiny to orphaned/abandoned babies and children whose futures are at risk of being negatively impacted by the effects of HIV/AIDS.

Expand a Sign proudly supports the Sunflower Fund by donating four Teardrop Banners to the Sunflower Fund’s office in KwaZulu Natal. The banners will be used for their Miles4Marrow Campaign, of which involves athletes signing up to do what they do best – whether it’s running, swimming, cycling or paddling whilst supporting a worthy cause.

Expand a Sign donated multiple branding solutions to The Children’s Hospital Trust, including Feather Banners, A-Frame Banners, Roll-Up Banners, a Gazebo and an additional Gazebo top and Feather Banner skins. Founded in 1994, The Children’s Hospital Trust raises money to upgrade buildings, equipment and training to directly benefit chronically ill children across South Africa.

Expand a Sign donated a large Flying Banner to Township Animal Rescue, based in Helderberg. Founded in 2004, Township Animal Rescue (TAR) run weekly clinics in local townships, transport pets to local vets for major treatments, coordinate a sterilisation programme and also rescue neglected and meg pets for which they try and find loving homes.

Expand a Sign donated a Flying Banner to the Micro Miracle Foundation to help create awareness and support around this disease. The foundation was started when Logan was diagnosed with Microcephaly in 2015. The medical bills are extremely high and so the foundation was started to help all children with Microcephaly. Logan was born on 4 February 2015, and diagnosed with Primary Microcephaly on 20 July 2015. His journey with microcephaly has just begun….

Expand a Sign recently donated multiple branding solutions to The Bateleurs, including Ex-Up Banners, Flying Banners, Ex-T Pull Up Banners, a Gazebo and additional Gazebo skin. Founded in 1998, The Bateleurs is a South African non-profit company with over 200 volunteer pilots and aircraft. It provides its beneficiaries and the public with an aerial perspective of the environment and has coordinated several diverse missions throughout South Africa and Africa in support of environmental issues.

Expand a Sign donated two gazebos to the Goodbye Malaria team based in Mozambique. Goodbye Malaria is an initiative started by African entrepreneurs to help raise funds that go directly to support on-the-ground malaria elimination programmes in Mozambique, spraying houses and fields to protect families from contracting malaria.

Expand a Sign donated a Gazebo to the guys at Custom Apparel to use at their various events. Custom Apparel designs and manufactures quality athleisure wear for people who want to look good while being active.


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