Sustainable Branding - Fabric made with a 40% recycled plastic content

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At Expand a Sign, sustainability is close to our hearts. It is something that we as a team, are extremely passionate about and we’re constantly discovering new ways in which we can improve our supply chain, whilst ensuring that sustainability remains at the forefront of everything we do.

As with our nature to pioneer and push the boundaries, we have undertaken one of our biggest and most enterprising drives towards sustainability, by developing of our very own rPET fabric.

With this drive and passion for sustainability, we exclusively weave a 40% rPET fabric for the portable branding industry. Why is it exclusive you may ask? Well, unlike other manufacturers that utilise rPET that is sourced from China, Indonesia and other countries, our rPET yarn is made from 100% local South African PET waste and is exclusively supplied to Expand a Sign.

With our 40% rPET fabric, we’ve started to introduce it into our product range by offering our customers a sustainable option – a direction that many of the globe’s top brands are gearing towards. These products include: Gazebos, A-Frame, Acacia Umbrellas and our Pull-Up Banner range – with a view to expand this offering to more of our products in the near future.

Sustainable Benefits

  • As a vertically integrated business – we are responsible for every aspect of our manufacturing process – from yarn to finished product.
  • Our rPET yarn – is made from 100% South African PET waste with full certification and traceability.
  • By using 40% recycled content – it allows us to maintain the tensile strength of the fabric.
  • Approximately 15 PET bottles – are used per every 4m2 of fabric.
  • By utilising local waste – we are further creating job opportunities in our country.
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