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One Step at a Time – Graham Hough

Determination, perseverance, discipline and dedication… this is what it takes to run a Comrades Marathon. It is not something that everyone is able to commit to, but for someone like Graham Hough these qualities seem to come naturally.

Jack of All Trades – Jack Boyce

“Do something one thousand times to know how to do it. Do something one million times to master it.” This is the motto of one of our Sales Reps, Jack Boyce and believe me, he really has mastered a few things in his time, and it still continues.

The second part of the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” really does not apply to this Jack. Everything he tries, he seems to master.

A Calling for Capoeira – Natasha Mkhize

Our Expand a Sign staff are hugely important to us and we love how much hard work is put into making this company run. We love how each of our staff member is unique and what they do outside of work is what makes them who they are.

Meet Natasha Mkhize – Marketing Coordinator who has an incredible passion for Capoeira!


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