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How to Maximise your Branding Budget

Expand a Sign

With everything nowadays seemingly getting more expensive, as brand/marketing managers, we are forced to get even more creative with our ever-tightening budgets – whilst still maintaining a competitive brand presence in our relative markets. Have no fear! Expand a Sign has got your back with these top tips on how to maximize your branding budget. … Read more

The importance of colour in the workplace

Canvex Wallpaper

The importance of colour in the workplace, is now something that organisations are embracing for their subsequent benefits and the effects that specific colours have on our moods. Colour is deeply ingrained into our lives (conscious and sub-consciously) and affects how we interact with brands and our environment. What was once merely a stylistic choice, … Read more

How to pull off a successful Brand Activation

Brand Activation

How to pull of a successful brand activation? A question you’ve probably asked yourself more than once in your career. While it’s no secret that brand activations are a powerful tool, executing a successful one can prove to be quite complicated. Below are some top tips we’ve learned are critical for a successful brand activation. … Read more


Brand Activation

Brand activations are a marketing method which involves engaging consumers by creating an experience and allowing them to interact with your brand. By engaging with consumers and involving them in an event or experience, brands are able to foster positive associations and create long-term brand loyalty. Brand activations have become an important part of every … Read more

Stop Conforming and try Something New


From the beginning of time (or at least the last 10-15 years), brands have chosen the pull-up and roll-up banner as their branding weapons of choice when it comes to events, activations and expos. Its’ simplicity and reliability has become a favourite among anyone investing in branding for their business. With everyone using pull-up and … Read more


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