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What the Font?!

What the font?!

A font is the particular size, weight and style of a typeface. In modern usage with the advent of digital design, “font” is frequently synonymous with the use of vector or outlines, which means that different sizes of a typeface can be dynamically generated from one design. Each style may still be in a separate … Read more

The Origins of the Flying Banner

The Flying Banner

Some time ago there lived a man, full of thoughts and ideas. One dusk as the man cursed the streams who bore no fish for him to catch, he gazed upon the shadow of his fishing rod and pondered, ‘If the rod was not intended to yield my dinner, what other purpose could it serve?’ … Read more

Man, what a United bunch of players!


Companies who play together, stay together. Which is why we’re big on sports and team building at Expand a Sign. No matter your rank while at work, everyone is equal when on the field. On Friday 30th August, 35 Expand a Sign employees flexed and warmed up at the Crusaders Club in Durban North for what was … Read more

Calling All Designers!!!

It’s your lucky day! Due to unexpected website maintenance, we have decided to extend the Imagine Campaign deadline. Stand a chance to win an iPad Mini. Here’s what to do: 1)        Like our Facebook Page  www.facebook.com/ExpandaSignSA 2)        Download our Flying Banner Template. CLICK HERE 3)        Do some amazing design work on our template of anything that blows your hair back. … Read more

Expand a Sign Pioneer John Bailey

Each business has a boss. But not all companies are fortunate enough to have a real leader. A pioneer and trailblazer with a passion for their chosen industry of work, and a desire to educate others with their knowledge. Expand a Sign is one of the truly great places to work, in that all staff … Read more


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