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Expand a Sign helps clean up our Plastic Sea


Last Saturday (June 30), 58 people joined the our beach clean-up at Blue Lagoon in Durban, in tribute to World Environment and World Oceans Day and in support of the Uzwelo Bags’ “Say NO to plastic” campaign. Kirsty Fonzari, marketing manager of Expand a Sign, said that the event was extremely successful. The teams collected … Read more

Custom Ex-T Pull-Up Banners

Is your brand looking a little flat? Let Expand a Sign whip it back into shape with our custom Ex-T cut-out pull-up banners. Since the pull-up banner was introduced to the branding industry, there has been very little change in terms of design and is the industry’s “go-to” for expos, product launches, activations and in-store … Read more

Giant and Custom Inflatables


Giant branded Inflatables offer an almost Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-like allure towards brands, by creating a visually stimulating experience and exciting your senses. Branded Inflatables have become one of the “must haves” for any product launch, activation or outdoor event and it’s not hard to justify their popularity. Their eye-catching one-of-a-kind designs, bring your … Read more

How to Maximise your Branding Budget

Expand a Sign

With everything nowadays seemingly getting more expensive, as brand/marketing managers, we are forced to get even more creative with our ever-tightening budgets – whilst still maintaining a competitive brand presence in our relative markets. Have no fear! Expand a Sign has got your back with these top tips on how to maximize your branding budget. … Read more


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