I Believe*

We Believe*

Established in 1997 in South Africa, Expand a Sign has become a global leader in portable branding solutions. We’ve retained a core, unshakable belief in superior quality that has set us apart in every market, putting our products in not only the spotlight, but in demand all over the world.

From teardrop, pop-up and folding banners to roll-ups, gazebos, tents, and inflatables to almost anything that can carry a brand message, we believe that we will never stop innovating. Our designs have turned a traditionally standard category into eye-catching, high-tech signage with flexible and versatile applications. Our mission statement has always been Where We Lead, Others Follow.

Marketing of any kind has to be an investment rather than an expense. The difference lies in its value; the image of your business it creates and the validity of its messaging. With us, you can expect the kind of impact and durability that guarantees a return on investment. With Expand a Sign, you will believe.


Brands That Believe* In Us