We believe your brand is your most Valuable Asset…

… and provide pain-free, easy to use and flawless portable branding solutions that make a difference. At Expand A Sign, we’re driven by a lot more than just being the best. Our community is focused on living our values, not just talking about them. Each person plays an important part in delivering the uncompromised longevity, quality and innovation that has placed us is a league of our own.

Leading with passion, a killer-instinct and a Can-do Attitude…


I believe you can only live an awesome life if you enjoy what you do. You have to dig deep and find out what makes you happy to be productive for yourself, and make a success of your dreams


I believe that no one is entitled to anything in this world, what you put in is what you get out. Carpe Diem!


I believe anything is possible at Expand a Sign

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The Values we Live By…



We believe our customers deserve 100% satisfaction, all the time. We do this by providing great quality products on-time, with superior materials and printing technology you can rely on.



Innovation and creativity are the heartbeat of Expand A Sign and nothing excites us more than crafting portable branding products that delight your customers and leave the competition behind.



We’re here to help you become an awesome brand every day, not during a once-off event. We’re here to offer advice, pay attention to the little things and go the extra mile when you need it most.



We’re passionate about making a positive difference for our customers, our country and each member of the EAS family and strive to deliver stand-out, memorable brand experiences you can be proud of.

Where it all Began

Established in 1997 in South Africa, Expand a Sign has become a global leader in portable branding solutions with offices in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Atlanta, Georgia – USA. With representatives in Brazil, Canada, England, Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, as well as Southern, Central, East and West Africa.

So how did a small idea 23 years ago from a Durban carpenter, go on to revolutionise the portable branding industry with creations like the Pop-Up A-Frame, Flying Banner, Ex-Up Banner and 360ºWondaSign. Simple… A “Yes We Can” attitude, an undeniable will to succeed and the core pillars that is the Foundation this company is built upon
– Quality, Service, Innovation and Passion.

We’ve retained a core, unshakable belief in superior quality that has set us apart in every market, putting our products in not only the spotlight but in demand all over the world – including 86 of the world’s top 100 brands as well as 1000s of local and international brands.

From teardrop, pop-up and folding banners to roll-ups, gazebos, tents, and inflatables, to almost anything that can carry a brand message. We believe that we will never stop innovating. Our designs have turned a traditionally standard category into eye-catching, high-tech signage with flexible and versatile applications.

We believe in our culture. Every one of us has a valuable contribution to make, which inspires us to give more of ourselves. It’s about achieving as a team and striving to put passion into process, with a killer instinct and a can-do attitude.

Our mission statement has always been… Where We Lead, Others Follow.

Our Initiatives…

We believe in developing opportunities for upcoming generations across every cultural group in South Africa. Expand a Sign supports several charity organisations, sponsors community events that create valuable foundations for the youth, and get involved with ad-hoc projects that we really believe in, putting our passion into moving us all towards a brighter future.

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Our Sponsorships…

At Expand a Sign, we align ourselves with brands, organisations and individuals that share the same values as us, while building strong relationships, enhancing our brand and creating opportunities to educate people on Expand a Sign’s products.

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Our Capabilities…

Design Studio & DTP

Our in-house design studio is responsible for bringing the awesome ideas for your brand to life, as well as ensuring that all artwork, logo and brand assets are sent to our printers in the correct format and quality.


Our fully equipped, in-house manufacturing department is responsible for the high-standard in quality and service while engineering, fabricating, packing and shipping your portable branding solutions.


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