Change is inevitable. Progress is optional.

Imagine buying your dream car and being able to change its colour as you pleased without incurring a dent on your wallet (I just looked – a Ferrari 458 Italia respray will set you back between R70 000 – R160 400, incl. paint and labour. Cha Ching!). Expand a Sign products are a bit like … Read more

Emotional Quotient


My father is a wise man and once told me the following. ‘IQ is knowing that tomato is a fruit. EQ is knowing not to place it in a fruit salad.’ EQ or Emotional Quotient is the ability to identify, assess and control the emotions within oneself, others and groups. Emotional intelligence forms the basis … Read more

From Humble Beginnings


From humble beginnings come great things. And Expand a Sign has laboured and toiled over the past 17 years to mould the company into an effective, successful and thriving branding manufacturing business, selling to over 40 countries and imprinting its stamp on the world of advertising displays and soft signage. Since the beginning, Expand a Sign has had … Read more

Mother Nature’s Hand


The Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde once penned that conversations about the weather were the last refuge of the unimaginative. He evidently isn’t alive right now; two weeks into 2014 and the world has already witnessed some of the wildest weather of recent times. The icy polar vortex has spread it’s frosty girth along … Read more


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