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My MO is Cool

What do Hulk Hogan, Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin have in common? Apart from alliterative letters in their first and surnames? Magnum P.I? Adolf Hitler? Freddy Mercury? Burt Reynolds? They all owned a crumble catcher. Facial fur. Grass grin. Lip foliage. Snot mop. The almighty moustache! The oldest recorded portrait of a shaven man with … Read more

Things of quality have no fear of time.


Quality is key. If you want to save a buck and get inked by the cheapest tattoo artist in town, don’t complain when your Lion, King of the Jungle looks more like Hello Kitty. The best brands and companies are the best because they represent more than just a product or a service; they offer … Read more


Brands That Believe* In Us