Introducing a  truly unique innovation  in advertising space from Expand a Sign!

MEBU (Mobile Electronic Branding Unit) is attention snatching, portable, easy to operate and allows your brand to appear anywhere at any time!

Simply put, it’s next level branding!

  • Elevated – Stand head and shoulders above at malls, office parks, CBDs, parkades and events
  • 360 degrees – 4 panel design makes you visible from every angle
  • 24/7 – Be where you’re least expected, day or night
  • Relevant – Easily interchangeable skins let you to update your branding regularly
  • Portable – Transfer your unit from one vehicle to another
  • Live tracking – Real time reporting on where, when and how many times your unit has been active
  • Mobile – Traditional billboards can only be seen at one location for the cost of a small island
  • Versatile – Vehicle wraps are a costly and don’t have the flexibility of being updated regularly
  • Eco-friendly – Solar powered with a back-up 12v charger
  • Traffic’s best friend – The average person spends 2 to 5 hours a day in their car
  • Take back control of your brand – Above the line media can’t guarantee that your brand will reach your desired target, but now you can control your brand with this incredible product…MEBU.

Now you can control where your brand is with a click of a button.

You Will Believe*